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Retail shop owners are faced with multiple tasks to complete each day.  Some of these tasks get pushed down the list as more important matters arise.  Adding new stock or doing a count on current stock whilst assisting customers outweigh window cleaning.  And when they need a window cleaner with the correct equipment and abilities, they do not know how to find them.

Clean My Shop Front offers a shop front window cleaning service, billed monthly.  The Sparkle Team will clean your shop front every two weeks.  They use their own equipment and do not need supervision.

Clean My Shop Front is very serious about the environment and we only use eco-friendly cleaning products.  We minimise water wastage and only use what is needed.  



Shop Front Cleaning
The Sparkle Team will clean shop front windows and can also remove glue residue from decals. With prior arrangement, they can also remove window coverings.
Shopping Centres have rules and we stick to them.  If we need to clean windows before opening times, we arrange with the Sparkle Team to do their magic before or after hours.
Crack Detection
While the Sparkle Team is doing their magic, they do crack detection.  We can put you in touch with the right people to fix broken or cracked shop fronts. They specialise in safety glass and can also install bullet proof glasing.
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